Managing Director Anjana Baral is a highly accomplished and driven professional in the sector, dedicated to supporting individuals of all abilities and creating a fair and accessible community.

As Managing Director, Anjana Baral has a strong commitment to supporting individuals with all abilities and a vision of creating an equitable and inclusive world where people with disabilities are valued for their unique abilities, Anjana co-founded Metanoia Rays in 2020 - leveraging her 14+ years of experience and expertise in the human services field.

Managing Director Anjana Baral's commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous learning has yielded remarkable results and contributed significantly to organisational success. With a bachelor's degree in health science, she possesses a solid academic background complemented by practical experience, enabling her to navigate complex challenges with strategic thinking.

Anjana's exceptional leadership and management skills have inspired teams, boosted productivity, and achieved organisational goals. Her unwavering dedication to community services, recognised through prestigious awards, showcases her natural ability to uplift and empower others. Anjana is sought after as a speaker and thought leader, sharing her insights at community events. With her drive, passion, and commitment to excellence, she is making a lasting impact on the NDIS participant and the sector and contributing towards shaping its future.

Q&A. Getting to know Managing Director Anjana Baral...

What skills best help you excel in your current role?

As Managing Director of Metanoia Rays, several key skills contribute to excel in this role:

  • Leadership: Strong leadership skills are essential for effectively guiding and inspiring our team. A clear vision and foster a culture of continuous growth and development.

  • Relationship Building: Building positive relationships with our participants, stakeholders, and community partners is crucial. I prioritise cultivating strong connections based on trust, open communication, and mutual respect. These relationships enable collaboration, foster partnerships, and facilitate the delivery of high-quality services.

  • Adaptability: NDIS sector is dynamic and constantly evolving. Adaptability helps me navigate changes, embrace new technologies and approaches, and effectively respond to emerging needs and challenges. I remain flexible and open-minded, ensuring that Metanoia Rays stays relevant and responsive to the evolving demands of the sector.

  • Problem-Solving: Problem-solving skills are essential in addressing the diverse needs and complexities of our participants and employees, approaching challenges with creativity, resourcefulness, and a solution-oriented mindset. I collaborate with the team to identify innovative approaches, overcome obstacles, and deliver effective solutions that meet the unique requirements of our participants.

  • Communication: Strong communication skills are crucial in my role as Managing Director. I foster clear and open lines of communication within the organisation, ensuring that our team is well-informed, motivated, and aligned.

The skills listed above, combined with my passion for supporting individuals with disabilities, enable me to excel as the Managing Director of Metanoia Rays. By leveraging these skills, I strive to lead the organisation to achieve its mission of creating a fair and inclusive society where individuals of all abilities can thrive.

What are your personal values?

Core values that guide my decisions, actions, and interactions in personal life, within the organisation and the broader community are:

  • Compassion: I believe in approaching every individual with empathy, understanding, and kindness.

  • Respect: I value and respect every person's inherent worth and dignity.

  • Integrity: I uphold the highest ethical standards and maintain transparency and honesty in all aspects of my role. I believe in doing the right thing, even when it is challenging, and I expect the same from others.

  • Collaboration: I recognise the value of collaboration and teamwork in achieving our goals. I foster a collaborative environment where all voices are heard, ideas are valued, and collective efforts lead to more significant impact.

  • Accountability: I take personal responsibility for my actions and decisions and encourage accountability throughout my personal and professional life.

  • Social Responsibility: I believe in the power of giving back to the community. I encourage social responsibility within the organisation and actively seek opportunities to contribute positively to society through volunteer work, partnerships, and advocacy.

What are you passionate about?

I hold a deep passion to help others and make a positive impact in people's lives. I am dedicated to creating meaningful change through work or community involvement. "Metanoia Rays" itself encapsulates my passion for transformation and creating positive change. It signifies my commitment to helping others and shedding light on the possibilities for growth and improvement in people's lives. Metanoia Rays is a testament to empowering individuals.

I am also actively engaged in volunteer work with different community organisations as I believe in giving back to the community, as I know the importance of giving back and making a positive impact beyond professional endeavours.

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