Our team is passionate about helping our participants achieve their dream of employment.

Metanoia Rays customised employment program is a person-centred approach that aims to place participants in into suitable and fulfilling employment opportunities. Our person-centred approach starts with assessing your skills, interests and strengths so we can support you in achieving your dream of employment or entrepreneurship.​

The outcome of the initial discovery process of assessment in our exciting customised employment program drives the identification of employment opportunities where the unique jobs are either created or found to match both the employer’s and employee’s needs and interests.​

Unlike traditional employment programs, which often follow a standardised approach, our customised employment focuses on the individual and utilising the strong connections the organisation has with government and community, working with employers to tailor job placements to match individual abilities, skills, and interests.

This program encourages flexibility and creativity in job design. Instead of fitting individuals into pre-existing positions, the program collaborates with employers to create job roles that capitalise on the individual's abilities while meeting the employer's needs.

Another key aspect is the provision of ongoing support. Supporting participants as needed in learning and mastering their job. Our approach fosters greater inclusivity, job satisfaction, and long-term success for both the employee and the employer.

Our friendly team is there to assist every step of the way.

our mission

To help our participants live comfortably and with dignity.
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