Metanoia Rays


'Meta' meaning beyond,
'Noia' meaning thoughts,
'Rays' as in a ray of hope, comfort, or other positive quality.

"On a journey together, beyond thoughts, with rays of hope!"


Metanoia Rays was founded by two industry professionals, Anjana Baral and Dharun Madathil, in Darwin who had a vision to build a support service where all people are seen for their ability. A support service that is fair and accessible, where people living with disability have the opportunity to participate as equal citizens and exercise control over personal outcomes.

Since commencing service in the Northern Territory in 2020, Metanoia Rays has expanded across the country servicing participants in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

In 2022 Metanoia Rays was recognised at the Australian Disability Service Awards as a top 3 finalist for Best Remote Service.

The Metanoia Rays team are passionate about the role they play in achieving their vision and the difference it can make in the life of individuals.

We strive to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold human rights and create opportunities, empowering individuals to live the life they choose.

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Following this text click here to learn more about our brand as depicted by a Darwin Aboriginal Artist.

Metanoia Rays Team members standing together in front of Metanoia Rays office.

Meet our Team

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What our participants are saying....

  • Headshot of female with short orange coloured hair wearing a white and red striped top in front of red background.
    Raelene - I’m so grateful for all that you have done for us.  Melvin - what a fabulous, efficient coordinator you are!
  • Thanks for the effort involved in finding me a suitable support worker.  Rupesh is outstanding.  He is very caring and supportive and has similar interests.  Once again, Thank you!
  • Darren at the community Barbecue cooking lunch
    I am so stunned by how much purpose Darren feels by coming to Metanoia Rays. He feels confident in telling family that he works now and goes ahead and tells them what he has done that week.
    Darrens wife
  • If you are looking for a support network on NDIS then this is the company for you. My experience with the support that is provided is second to none...It is excellent and I couldn't ask for a better service. From day one I have built an amazing report, and striving forward I haven't ever felt better. I am truely grateful and very humbled that all I can say is how genuinely thankful I truely am. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.
  • Man standing near white wall

    I can’t even imagine where Mitch would be without you Raelene.

    What you have done for our son (and us) is Absolutely Incredible.

    To say we will be eternally thankful to you is a massive understatement.

    Thank you so so much for being the Amazing support person that you are.

    I just don’t know where we’d be without you.

    Many thanks and Kind regards

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