Meet the Team at Metanoia Rays. Together, we are the driving force behind positive change and growth.

With a shared dedication to making a difference, the Metanoia Rays team is here to support you every step of the way.

Raelene McAdam

Deputy General Manager

Raelene is passionate about helping others to achieve their dreams. She has extensive knowledge and skills in the NDIS Pathways which she acquired as a Local Area Coordinator at APM and Carers Queensland.

As Metanoia Rays Deputy General Manager, it is her role to manage the delivery of services to ensure participants, services and business plan goals are achieved.

If you are a participant, Raelene will actively be with you for your journey with Metanoia Rays.

Raelene values Equality, Integrity and Respect. It is these qualities in Raelene that have participants and colleagues saying,

"I dont know where we would be without you Raelene".

Steve Defransz

Quality and Compliance Manager

Steve commenced his impressive career in the sector 30 years ago with the Disability Services Commission in Western Australia. Over the years he has acquired significant skills working in Government and non-Government settings.

This extensive experience combined with his formal educational qualifications has equiped Steve with the knowledge and skills to develop various disability support training modules, ensuring employees in the sector are skilled in providing the required support to people in their care.

Steve’s passion is to be part of an organisation that has a strong commitment to deliver high quality care to people with disabilities empowering individuals to live their lives to the fullest.

Ashleigh Purcher

Senior Occupational Therapist

Ashleigh is Metanoia Rays Senior Occupational Therapist (OT).

Ashleigh has had extensive experience providing a range of therapy services to participants in homes, in the community, aged care facilities and in the workplace.

OT involves completing assessments, equipment prescription, emotional regulation and skill development with participants.

Ashleigh is passionate about assisting people to achieve their goals, working with a person-centred focus to ensure she is supporting participants with things that are important to them.

Avishek Phuyal

Service Coordinator

Avishek is passionate about helping others. He says he has always been someone who has looked after others and wanted to help people, rather than just helping himself.
As the Service Coordinator in Darwin his role involves maintaining a team environment that supports a positive relationship with participants and stakeholders and achieves participants goals and ambitions.
Avishek values altruism, self-respect and honesty. He is passionate about self-development and self-improvement and is always looking to challenge himself and learn new things.  
 He says working in community services is the perfect career for him.

Charmaine Napire

Rostering Officer

Charmaine believes in perseverance, accountability and discipline. She is a diligent highly dedicated member of the Metanoia Rays team.

As the rostering officer, she is responsible for developing the rosters for the participants and liaising with staff and stakeholders for all roster-related matters. If you are support staff you will also find her in your performance reviews and one on one meetings.

When Charmaine is not rocking at the rostering, she loves to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Darren Meers

Lifestyle Activity Assistant

Darrens role is to assist with head office operations and ensure office supplies are ordered and collected.

He is also king of the BBQ on our Darwin community BBQ days.

Darren values being a contributing member of society, maintaining good health to stay healthy with his family.

When Darren is not working, he loves watching cricket and football and sleeping.

Having the special qualities of patience with the ability to actively listen to what others say make Darren such a valuable member of Metanoia Rays Team.

Jo Rogan

Digital Analytics & Communications Coordination

Jo values experience, knowledge & creativity. She enjoys actively engaging in cross-cultural exchanges, sharing knowledge and fostering mutual understanding between all communities.

Her role within this team is in brand growth through digital communications with a strong focus on accessibility and inclusivity.

Through her work she is motivated to play a role within a collective of inspiring people whose focus is on empowering individuals to overcome challenges, clear barriers and lead fulfilling lives.

Marni Young

Brisbane Service | Networking Coordinator

Marni describes herself as a supportive, genuinely proactive openminded individual.

As Metanoia Rays Service and Networking coordinator, it is Marni’s role to ensure our Brisbane participants are receiving high quality support and on track to achieving their goals.

As a participant with Metanoia Rays in Brisbane, Marni will be assisting you in the preparation of your daily routine and activity planner with respect to your choices.

Marni is passionate about relationships with her friends and family, being appreciative to the world and having joy and pleasure in what she does.

Melanie Gandharba

Program Coordinator

Melanie is passionate about helping others. As Program Coordinator, Melanie will liaise with your CoS, guardians, other stakeholders, provide reporting, advocacy, activities and day program development and set up of, customised employment she will help out wherever she can.

Melanie has had many years’ experience in this sector. She holds a Cert IV in Allied Health Assistant, Mental Health First Aide and is currently adding to Tertiary qualifications in Occupational Therapy at Charles Darwin University.

It is Melanie's strong empathy, loyalty, honesty, understanding and excellent communication that make her stand out in her role.

Samita Maharjan

Finance Officer

Samita says learning new skills excites her. It is this openness to learning that has led Samita along an extensive tertiary education journey and a variety of work experience in disability and finance sectors.

With such a deep understanding of this sector, Samita is such a valuable member of the Metanoia Rays Team.

As Finance Officer she is responsible for invoicing, payroll, accounts receivable and payable.

Personally, Samita values gratitude, honesty, accountability. She says,

"I really believe that one should embrace life with humility, gratitude, intellectual curiosity, and constant learning.”

Susmita Nepal

Administration Assistant

Susmita is passionate about working for the benefit of community, and humankind.

It is her role to assist the admin and rostering team, as well as the operations team. If you are an employee of Metanoia Rays you are likely to hear from her when compliance documents are needing to be up dated. As a participant in Darwin with Metanoia Rays you may be lucky for Susmita to support you. In addition to her Bachelor Degree in Information Technology, she holds a Certificate IV in Disability which enables her to be able to casually work with participants.

Personally, Susmita values honesty, loyalty, and kindness. She believe’s that these qualities are vital ingredients to be engaged in any kind of job.

Yashoda Dhakal Aryal

Brisbane Administrative Assistant

Yashoda holds a Masters in Business Administration and extensive experience in a variety of workplaces which has given her the skills and knowledge to be the multi-talented administrative assistant she is.

It is Yashoda’s role at Metanoia Rays to provide the administrative tasks and central communication point for support workers and participants in Brisbane.

When she is not working, Yashoda enjoys traveling, hiking, shopping and dancing.
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Managing Director
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Managing Director
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